Religious Discrimination Can Be Easier Than You Think!

We all know the "thou shalt nots."  Thou shall not discriminate against the disabled.  Thou shall not discriminate on the basis of race.  And of course, religion.  But have you ever stopped to wonder what it really means to discriminate on the basis of religion?  It doesn't take much.

Under [...]

Street Maintenance – Do Not Delay

Fact: Every community must plan for maintenance issues with its streets.  This is because oxidation begins to deteriorate streets from the moment they are placed on the ground.  UV rays and the natural effects of our southwestern climate also contributed to wear and tear. It is important to inspect [...]

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“Game-changer” case brings very bad news for HOA collections

Law is a living thing.  It grows, mutates, evolves.  A new Arizona case just shook things up big time.  Chances are you have not heard about this recent case because attorneys are scrambling to figure out how to deal with it.  In summary, outside a few limited exceptions that [...]

HOA Social Media Can Harm: Tips To Avoid Problems

Our world is vastly different than what it was 20 or even 10 years ago. So why not use social media to instantaneously communicate with HOA members? As with everything, social media has many benefits for communities, but social media can harm your association too. Communities can get into [...]

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What Would You Do? Meetings Gone Wild

Crazy HOA meetings happen all the time.  I found a video that made me chuckle because it is exactly how one of my recent board meetings went.  After you watch the video I am sure you will be able to relate to either the manager, directors or homeowners.  This [...]

Top 10 HOA Rules That Will Make You LOL

The majority of HOAs are great.  Sure, they have a lot of rules but they serve their purpose.  Occasionally, boards get carried away and adopt strange rules.  I've seen a lot of wacky rules over my career as an HOA lawyer.  Here are my top 10.   Let me [...]

Careful! President Voting Can Be Tricky

QUESTION:  Does a board president only vote in case of a tie?

ANSWER:  Tricky question.  Many of us jump the gun and simply say a president can vote like any other director unless the governing documents provide otherwise.  This can get you into trouble.  Many community associations follow Robert's Rules [...]

Three Easy Steps to Understand Your Reserve Study

Over the years we've helped hundreds of clients prepare and plan for future expenditures with Reserve Studies. Reserve Studies serve as a "Road Map" to guide an association through the ups and downs of the uncertain future. However, understanding a Reserve Study is not always the easiest thing to [...]

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Using Drones To Enforce HOA Violations

Drones are quite the "buzz" nowadays.  Last month the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted Amazon permission to start testing their delivery drones.  Imagine getting your packages minutes after ordering them.  Amazing.

Since the spike in private ownership of remote-controlled drones, more of us are asking whether homeowners associations can (or should) [...]

HOA Movies and Music: Avoiding Copyright Infringement

QUESTION: We love having HOA "movie night" every so often at our clubhouse for the kids. It has always been a very popular event. I had an attorney friend tell me (I'm on the board) that showing movies may be a copyright infringement. Is that true?

ANSWER: Your friend is [...]

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