Dead Owners and Squatters: a BIG problem? Well…

By: Clint G. Goodman, Esq.
QUESTION: We have a property owner that died without any next of kin. Allegedly the property was owned free and clear.  Some tenants who got evicted from another house down the street moved into the deceased's home. They are paying [...]

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Excess Proceeds: Over $16,000,000 Available For Many HOAs

Excess Proceeds:  Over $16,000,000 Available For Many HOAs
By:  Scott L. Potter
Homeowners Associations in Arizona have an unprecedented opportunity under current market conditions to collect on delinquent assessment accounts of former owners who lost their homes to foreclosure over the past several years. As house prices have risen, so have [...]

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Don’t Be The Next Trayvon Martin HOA!!!

We have all read about the horrible Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman shooting.  It was a tragic day for everyone.  But what most people never heard about was what happened to the Association.  Zimmerman was the Association's neighborhood watch leader at the time of the shooting.  This brings an [...]

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Must We Follow Robert’s Rules of Order???

Author: Clint G. Goodman, Goodman Law Offices
Robert's Rules was first published in 1876.  The most recent version (the 11th Edition) was published in 2011 under the name Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (abbreviated RONR).  One can also stumble on its online version by clicking here.  It was created by Henry [...]

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Chicken Little Always Says “The Sky Is Falling!”…BUT IT’S NOT

Let's face it, chicken little lives in your HOA.  People like this are the nasty complainers; always quick to judge and point out petty, stupid issues with the board, manager, and neighbors.  They demand the HOA step into the middle of everything.  Well, now we finally have a decision [...]

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Crazy HOA Cases: How To Avoid Them

Crazy HOA Lawsuits That Will Make You Laugh – or Cringe
by Clint Goodman
Most of the time, HOA lawsuits are boring, addressing collections, repairs, and other routine items.  But occasionally, a crazy HOA lawsuit comes along that is so outrageous that it draws the attention of the media and gets everyone [...]

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Reserve Study Company

Questions for the Engineer – Things to consider before hiring a Reserve Study Company
There comes that time of year when most HOAs and associations consider revisions to their Reserve Study. There is a lot to consider before hiring a Reserve Study company. This means that Boards will look to [...]

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Oil and Water – They Just Do Not Mix!

Oil and Water - They Just Do Not Mix!
Asphalt Paving and Storm Drain Maintenance
By Michael Frank
Components that a community owns; parking lots, roads, driveways, etc., are some of its most expensive assets.  Asphalt has an anticipated life expectancy of about 26 years.  The actual duration of the pavement surface is directly related [...]

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Who Pays For A Disabled Person’s Modifications?

A disabled individual in the community tells the manager she needs a wheelchair ramp installed in front of the club house so she can attend board meetings.  She tells the HOA they must pay for it under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA).


EXAMPLE PROBLEM: according to your reserve study this is the year that your private street is to be sealed...  You do this every 3-4 years so you can preserve the street and not have to bear the cost of replacing them.  You now wonder what is the right thing to [...]

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