Oil and Water – They Just Do Not Mix!

Oil and Water - They Just Do Not Mix!
Asphalt Paving and Storm Drain Maintenance
By Michael Frank
Components that a community owns; parking lots, roads, driveways, etc., are some of its most expensive assets.  Asphalt has an anticipated life expectancy of about 26 years.  The actual duration of the pavement surface is directly related [...]

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Who Pays For A Disabled Person’s Modifications?

A disabled individual in the community tells the manager she needs a wheelchair ramp installed in front of the club house so she can attend board meetings.  She tells the HOA they must pay for it under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA).


EXAMPLE PROBLEM: according to your reserve study this is the year that your private street is to be sealed...  You do this every 3-4 years so you can preserve the street and not have to bear the cost of replacing them.  You now wonder what is the right thing to [...]

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Community Playgrounds Are Wonderful If They Stay Safe

Why Inspect and Maintain your Community Playgrounds?
We tend to think of community playgrounds as places that provide the perfect opportunity for our children to develop motor and cognitive skills and also to learn and practice the socialization skills that they are beginning to acquire. We rarely think of playgrounds [...]

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Saving Money Is Easier Than It Sounds

Many condominiums I run across are spending insane amounts of money on things from utilities and cable to water and sewer.  When I tell them they can likely pass many of these costs on to the owners they are surprised.  It is possible and if you haven't had an [...]

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Canceling Developer Contracts!

Condominiums and planned communities may terminate developer contracts entered into by the Developer/Declarant without penalty.  A.R.S. § 33-1245 of the Condominium Act, and Restatement of Property (Servitudes), Section 6.19, allows condominiums and planned communities to terminate certain contracts that were entered into before a homeowner elected board takes office. [...]

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Religious Discrimination Can Be Easier Than You Think!

We all know the "thou shalt nots."  Thou shall not discriminate against the disabled.  Thou shall not discriminate on the basis of race.  And of course, religion.  But have you ever stopped to wonder what it really means to discriminate on the basis of religion?  It doesn't take much.

Under [...]

Street Maintenance – Do Not Delay

Fact: Every community must plan for maintenance issues with its streets.  This is because oxidation begins to deteriorate streets from the moment they are placed on the ground.  UV rays and the natural effects of our southwestern climate also contributed to wear and tear. It is important to inspect [...]

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“Game-changer” case brings very bad news for HOA collections

Law is a living thing.  It grows, mutates, evolves.  A new Arizona case just shook things up big time.  Chances are you have not heard about this recent case because attorneys are scrambling to figure out how to deal with it.  In summary, outside a few limited exceptions that [...]

HOA Social Media Can Harm: Tips To Avoid Problems

Our world is vastly different than what it was 20 or even 10 years ago. So why not use social media to instantaneously communicate with HOA members? As with everything, social media has many benefits for communities, but social media can harm your association too. Communities can get into [...]

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