Rules for Holding an Open Meeting at Your Arizona HOA

Rules for Holding an Open Meeting at Your Arizona HOA
There are many aspects of how an Arizona HOA conducts its business that are left up to the HOA to itself to determine by way of its bylaws and CC&Rs. But one aspect of Arizona HOA procedure that requires HOA [...]

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HOA Disputes

HOA Disputes
A long, drawn-out dispute between an HOA and a homeowner can be an enormous drain on the HOA’s resources. That’s on top of the fact that an HOA dispute can result in an adverse ruling and/or verdict that causes severe damages to the HOA’s financial interests and ability [...]

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HOA Liens And How To Collect

HOA Assessment Liens
HOAs simply cannot operate and serve their members without being able to effectively collect HOA fees. Delinquent payments or non-payments of fees by problem owners can lead to budget shortfalls, hostility, and a collective waste of HOA time and resources. While there are a number of methods [...]

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Who is Responsible for Upkeep of Condos in Arizona?

Most condominiums in Arizona are subject to oversight by homeowner’s associations (HOAs). With an HOA, the individual homeowners all pay fees to the HOA and the HOA board members, who are elected by the individual homeowners, will have the ability to enforce rules contained in the Declaration of Covenants, [...]

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2017 Legislative Session Update!

This legislation has been nothing short of furious!  There were a ton of bills and a lot of possible changes.  Here are two bills that are still pending but could change the way we do things in homeowners associations (a list of "failed" bills follows):

HB 2411: HOAs.  Condominium association [...]

Condominium Required to Accommodate Handicapped Members’ Parking under Fair Housing Act

Weiner v. Prairie Park Condominium Association Inc., No. 16 C 1889 (N.D. Ill. June 23, 2016)

ISSUE IN THE CASE:  Whether an Association should force another unit owner to give up their parking space (that is assigned to them in their deed) to another resident that his handicap...
By: Clint G. Goodman, Esq.
Goodman [...]

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What’s an HOA to do if it gets dissolved?

By: Clint G. Goodman, Esq.
QUESTION:  I just received a letter from the Arizona Corporation Commission saying they dissolved our HOA because we didn’t file our annual report last year.  What do I do? Help!!!!

ANSWER:  Getting a letter from any government agency is scary enough, let alone one that says [...]

Dead Owners and Squatters: a BIG problem? Well…

By: Clint G. Goodman, Esq.
QUESTION: We have a property owner that died without any next of kin. Allegedly the property was owned free and clear.  Some tenants who got evicted from another house down the street moved into the deceased's home. They are paying [...]

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Excess Proceeds: Over $16,000,000 Available For Many HOAs

Excess Proceeds:  Over $16,000,000 Available For Many HOAs
By:  Scott L. Potter
Homeowners Associations in Arizona have an unprecedented opportunity under current market conditions to collect on delinquent assessment accounts of former owners who lost their homes to foreclosure over the past several years. As house prices have risen, so have [...]

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Don’t Be The Next Trayvon Martin HOA!!!

We have all read about the horrible Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman shooting.  It was a tragic day for everyone.  But what most people never heard about was what happened to the Association.  Zimmerman was the Association's neighborhood watch leader at the time of the shooting.  This brings an [...]

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