Careful! President Voting Can Be Tricky

QUESTION:  Does a board president only vote in case of a tie?

ANSWER:  Tricky question.  Many of us jump the gun and simply say a president can vote like any other director unless the governing documents provide otherwise.  This can get you into trouble.  Many community associations follow Robert's Rules [...]

Three Easy Steps to Understand Your Reserve Study

Over the years we've helped hundreds of clients prepare and plan for future expenditures with Reserve Studies. Reserve Studies serve as a "Road Map" to guide an association through the ups and downs of the uncertain future. However, understanding a Reserve Study is not always the easiest thing to [...]

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Using Drones To Enforce HOA Violations

Drones are quite the "buzz" nowadays.  Last month the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted Amazon permission to start testing their delivery drones.  Imagine getting your packages minutes after ordering them.  Amazing.

Since the spike in private ownership of remote-controlled drones, more of us are asking whether homeowners associations can (or should) [...]

HOA Movies and Music: Avoiding Copyright Infringement

QUESTION: We love having HOA "movie night" every so often at our clubhouse for the kids. It has always been a very popular event. I had an attorney friend tell me (I'm on the board) that showing movies may be a copyright infringement. Is that true?

ANSWER: Your friend is [...]

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2015 Legislative Session (New Laws and Bills That Failed)

52nd Legislature – Arizona First Regular Session - Update

HB2084 – Condominiums, planned communities; associations; disclosures.

ARS §10-11622. Annual report.

Associations shall submit with the annual report a separate statement containing the name of the designated agent or management company for the association, the address, [...]

Top 3 Strategies To Get HOA Votes

Many HOAs have problems getting their members to participate.  Meetings rarely see large crowds unless there is some emotionally charged issue.  Apathy is a problem and can harm the health of an association.

Throughout the life of a community association, members may get to a point that they need to [...]

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Assessment Pitfalls HOAs Need To Know

Sometimes a homeowner refuses to pay assessments because he doesn't think the HOA is using that money wisely. I had one homeowner recently tell me he would not pay his dues until the association fixed the roads. Another demanded the park trees be trimmed first. And yet another [...]

Avoid Security Snafus: Important Lessons To Learn From Howie Mandel Prank

Tonight I watched a video pranking Howie Mandel.  One of his buddies thought it would be funny if he used 4,000 rolls of toilet paper to tee-pee his house.  It was quite entertaining.  Check it out below, it's worth a few minutes.  In all seriousness, though, this prank brings up an important [...]

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Rules For Collecting Management/Administrative Fees

QUESTION:  We (the management company) charge a $50 administrative fee when we send a file to collections.  A homeowner attorney sent us a demand letter saying we cannot pass these costs on to his client.  Is he right? What are the rules for collecting  management fees?
ANSWER:  It depends. Make [...]

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Does The Board Always Have To Enforce Violations?

QUESTION:  My association sends violation notices for everything--from weeds, to garbage cans, to you name it.  True, all of these are violations but is there any discretion or must they always enforce violations?

ANSWER:  It depends.
The case law says that a community association must do what its documents tell [...]