Do you have HOA questions?

Imagine if you could get answers to your HOA questions immediately -- well, now you can.

thinking_thought-bubble_manAt some point everyone feels frustrated, not knowing where to turn for answers. Having experienced these difficulties firsthand, our team of experts created a user-friendly, easily accessible educational organization for you.

lawyer-and-happy-clientsOur team of attorneys and other experts spend countless hours reviewing statutes, case decisions, and other legal books so that you have up-to-date answers to your questions. We share all of our research and answers through informative articles, instructional webinars, Ask the Experts library, and detailed e-newsletters. All of this is accessible online 24/7. Getting answers to your questions has never been easier.

Note About Our Founder
clint goodmanClint G. Goodman is the founding attorney of Goodman Law Offices.  About 10 years ago Clint saw a huge need to make HOA materials accessible over the web and HOA Institute was born. Since 2007, HOA Institute has educated hundreds of directors, managers and homeowners.  You can contact Clint by going to