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Duties of an HOA President

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“What are the duties of an HOA president?” – an HOAI reader

After the homeowners in a HOA elect the HOA board members by a majority vote, the officers of the board, which includes the president, is elected (or appointed) by the board. As HOAs are non-profit, the HOA president (or any other officer) does not get paid, nor should he be allowed special privileges (i.e., special parking or discounted monthly assessments). However, it is a very important job and as such it can have a huge influence on the community.

The president’s main job is to…


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3 Responses to “Duties of an HOA President”

  1. Denny

    The fact is, HOA presidents and other board members more often than not do receive free perks in the form of free meals in HOA owned restaurants, free rounds of golf, and numerous other freebies that regular homeowners, the ones they are representing, do not receive but are paying for every month. It is naive to believe this practice is not common on most HOAs around the country.

  2. Barbara A. Kay

    Our neighborhoods HOA is running without By-laws? Is that okay?

  3. Robt. Jonston

    What does one do when the President is corrupt and steals from the owners & supports his lifestyle blacklisting owners and fixing ever election for 18 years so he can maintain a high lifestyle by stealing from owners?

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