This last session the legislature defined three types of HOA meetings: (1) member meetings, (2) board meetings and (3) committee meetings.  Member meetings generally include member voting.  For example, annual meetings and elections are considered member meetings.  A good rule of thumb is that if members are voting on an issue, it is a member meeting.  Board meetings are meetings where association business is discussed by the board and decided on by the board.  While members have the right to comment at these meetings, they are not entitled to actually vote on the issues-that is a function of the board at these meetings.  For example, the monthly board meeting is set to discuss vendors, community maintenance issues, review the last month expenditures, and so on.  The new law added "committee meetings" to the open meeting requirements.  Committee meetings are those meetings in which committees meet to discuss the specific items they are assigned to handle.  Like board meetings, portions of committee meetings may be closed to the members to discuss confidential items set forth in ARS 33-1248 and ARS 33-1804.

The law also changed how and when notice is to be provided.  More to come on that topic...

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